Michael Gregory "Mike" Row is an American television personality. He narrates a number of television programs and currently stars in and hosts Dirty Jobs. In addition to Dirty Jobs, Rowe's work for Discovery now includes narrating for American Chopper, American Hot Rod, and Deadliest Catch, as well as other Discovery specials and series. Rowe hosted the Discovery Channel's annual "Shark Week" in 2006, along with hosting the special "You Spoof Discovery", which as the title suggests, poked fun at some of the popular series on the Discovery Channel's lineup. On Dirty Jobs, Rowe frequently mocks his seeming omnipresence on Discovery Channel; when a segment on firefighting and salvage was unable to be completed in a single day, he assured his firefighter host that he would "send over the MythBusters ... maybe the American Chopper boys ... [to finish the job]"

Other narration work includes Drydock: A Cruise Ship Reborn, Southern Steel, Powertool Drag Racing, Scavengers Rock (Animal Planet), and other Discovery specials and series, such as You Spoof Discovery, an amateur parody video special.