Storm Chasers is a docudrama television show that follows a team of storm chasers as they attempt to intercept and film a tornado from inside it. The team is led by Joshua Wurman, a renowned scientist and tornado expert. Josh's goal is to collect tornado data in order to improve warnings systems. Team members for the 2007 season included Herb Stein (DOW driver), Mara McFalls (scout driver/journalist), Justin Walker (scout navigator/meteorologist), Danny Cheresnick (DOW navigator/meteorologist), and Karen Kosiba (DOW navigator/meteorologist). For the 2008 season, Justin Walker (navigator/meteorologist), and his wife Hannah (driver) ride in PROBE 1, while Danny Cheresnick (navigator) and Aaron Rupert (driver) man the original Scout vehicle. The TVN vehicle's crew consists of Reed Timmer (Lead Storm Chaser, Meteorologist), Joel Taylor (Driver/Meteorologist) and Chris Chittick (Photographer/Probe Technician).