What Sank Titantic? is a episode in Curiosity.The epsiode is directed by Richard Dale and was written by Graham Booth and Richard Dale


Bill Paxton as Himself/Narrator

Phil Cheadle as Fred Barret

Mitzi Jones as Elizabeth Dodell

Christian Rodska as Captain Smith

Christopher Villers as J. Bruce Ismay

Oscar Pearce as Quigg Baxter

Fred Lancaster as John "Jack" Thayer

Michael Malarkey as Milton Long

Krisjanis Salmins as Trapped Sailor

Inese Darta Danevica as Bertha Mayne

Anta Aizupe as Mary Baxter

Leonarda Kestere-Klavina as Helene Baxter

Paul Hornsby as Frank Garee

Rhidian Bridge as Joseph Bell


  • Bill Paxton also narrated Tornado Alley.He will probably narrate again in Tornado Alley 2 3D